Vinci3D is a fantastic new animation software for both Mac and Windows from the creators of Explaindio.

When I first heard that Vinci3D was in the making I immediately thought about the comparisons that would be made with the other Logo Animation software that came out last year called Viddyoze.

However, the first and major difference between Vinci3D and Viddyoze is that Vinci3D is a desktop tool, whereas Viddyoze is cloud based. Here is what the Vinci3D team had to say about that:

“Cloud is big no no for video creations. Real word professional video creation tools are desktop based and for good reason. All Adobe Software including After Effect, or software like Cinema 4d, Camtasia, Autodesk 3D are all desktop. Any professional editor creator will tell you that desktop is the only way to go with professional video. We have now over 26,000 explaindio users and we know what works best for our users.

Also with any cloud software you need to download file anyway and use other desktop video tool to actually make the whole video”

2) As far as 3D engine. We are using Unity3D which is around since 2008 and is “REAL world” professional 3D engine with millions of dollars investment in development. Unity3D is like the best model of Lamborghini or Ferrari. Any engine done in a year or two by a few devs cannot event stand a chance like fantasy car build in agarage,

3) rendering in any angle.

4) surrounding light which change the colors of the animations depending which light on and what color is set for the light. Makes animation to be able to match project and design

5) ability to select the speed of animation. the speed control is critical to make the project really own. Match music, match tempo of the video, also can help with time. I am sure you already know how big setting the speed is

6) ability to change color of almost any surface

7) ability to add many images not just one sample video rendered by beta tester with many images

8) ability to position logo in the animation (not always same location). If cannot move logo position it is big limitation

9) REAL TIME PREVIEW – big time saver. Without real time preview you must render and wait few minutes every time you do even minimal change to see if look good. 20-30 tries is not uncommon to make video perfect like your client or you need.

10) Make video upto 4k so can be use in TV broadcast and ads too

11) Ability to use fonts in any language – not just English.

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