Vidyz Review & My Suggestion

What You're Actually Getting With Vidyz

If you want to know a few home truths about Vidyz from Brett and Mike, watch my video review below.

I point out things you should know before you buy and won't necessarily realise from the sales page.

Do I recommend it?  Not really and you'll see why when you watch my video.

1 thought on “Vidyz Review & My Suggestion”

  1. The best content you have ever produced.

    It’s rare to see honest feedback on the internet from a person with a vast wealth of knowledge on a topic. Your review and comparison was true, which makes it not only fair, but also valuable.

    Who and how many people took note? Was it more people from a potential buying audience, or more from the affiliate ranks expressing shock and dismay?

    As a related note, how many affiliates touting Sendiio as ‘the best’ email autoresponder either sent out their email with Sendiio or are planning on using it as the foundation of their business? Hah, hah, hah hypocrites. They’re so brazen that some even sent out emails calling themselves hypocrites in the subject line.

    I unsubscribed from one affiliate promoting Sendiio already. It’s not that they’re promoting Sendiio that gets me. It’s their ‘do as I say, not as I do’ behavior.

    In the first place, if you use your head, is Joshua Zamora going to produce a better all in one email, FB Messenger, and text messenger than whole companies with full-time dedicated employees and a commitment to a position in a market for email autoresponders? When Larry Kim chose to start Monkey whatever as a new company, did he create it to ‘say’ he had the best email, FB Messenger, and text message platform? Or did he aim to provide the best FB Messenger tool, because knowing the market, and the level of competition, he could only at best be #1 in one of those 3 pieces, FB Messenging, than (falsely) claim he could leapfrog and be the best in all 3?

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