Honest Vidently Review!

My completely honest view and the low-down on Vidently as I see it….. (skip the 9 min long sales video below if you're in a hurry but make sure you watch the two demo videos further down)

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What is Vidently?

Vidently is a template based video creation app from Andrew Darius (creator of Explaindio) that you download and install on your desktop computer.  It works on both Windows and Mac.

For a one-time price of $27 for the Personal License or $37 for the Commercial License (rising after launch week) you get the Software itself with 200 Scene Templates and 100 Video Backgrounds

What’s the difference between Vidently and Explaindio?

Vidently is essentially a watered down version of Explaindio, but it has additional features:

  • The ability to create square and vertical videos for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Add nice looking transitions between your Slides for higher engagement and a more professional feel
  • Re-arrange the order of the Slides with a simple “swipe” after you've added them to your timeline (this gives you much more flexibility!)

Vidently uses only pre-made Slides that you edit, whereas Explaindio uses Slides AND has a blank canvas so you can create any type of video totally from scratch if you wish.

Is Vidently easy to use?

According to the Andrew, Vidently was created with ease of use in mind. He said:

“The idea behind the app is to have super easy to use video creator with very minimal learning curve and pretty much anybody can make video.”

Considering how many features Explaindio has,  it's not surprising there is a fairly steep learning curve and this has clearly been a bit of a barrier for people new to making videos.  Vidently has been created to break down that barrier.

Are there tutorials if I need them?

There are half a dozen tutorial videos at the time of writing, covering Installation, an Overview, Creating & Editing Projects, Saving Projects and Pixabay Integration.

Unfortunately tutorial videos arenarrated by a guy with quite thick foreign accent which I found a little hard to follow, so be prepared to listen closely to what's being said!

How customizable are the Templates?

I found the included Templates to be extremely customizable.

The editable parts of each Slide are called “hot spots” and not only can you easily change text, and insert images and videos, you can also quickly change the entire color scheme of a slide, and even hide certain elements from view completely.

Are there any negatives I should know about?

Because this is a desktop app it's performance will depend, in some part, on the performance of your computer.

I installed the Windows version, and although my computer is relatively new with a decent amount of RAM and a good graphics card, the live previews of the slides was sometimes a little laggy.

On the plus side, it's great you actually get a live preview so you can see exactly how the Scene will play out before you render the final video

I have Explaindio, do I need Vidently?

If you want a quickrt way to make pro-looking videos AND the additional features that Vidently brings (see #2 above), then I think it's definitely worth the price.

It's not beyond the realms of possibility they might introduce some of the features of Vidently into a newer version of Explaindio some time in the future, but that's just my guess, and why wait around for something that might not even happen when you could be cranking out videos in the meantime!

Are there any Upsells?

Um, YES! This is a product by Andrew Darius so expect a number of upsells (at least he has limited them to 5 this time, I think his record is 12, haha!)

OTO 1: Vidently Club gives you immediate access to over 4,000 Scene Templates and 4,000 background videos.

It costs $19 each month, or $133 annually (which equates to $11 per month and effectively gives you 5 months free compared to the monthly option).

->> See the Club offer here

OTO 2: 700 Scene Transitions – boost engagement with pattern interrupt transitions between your Scenes such as Light and Dark Patterns, Geometric, Animations, Image and Video Blends and Flash light transitions. (Cost $97)

->> See the Transitions pack here

OTO 3: Explaindio Toolbox Bundle – 8 stand alone Apps: Video Converter, Audio Converter, Video Marker, Video Split Screen, Watermark Maker, Video Cropper, Sketch Line Color Changer, Screen Recorder (PC only) (Cost $59)

->> See the Toolbox here

OTO4: Explaindio Player – with 20 powerful viewer control features allowing you to fully control, customize the look and feel of any video, and add it to your website with all the cool features that big companies usually charge for, but without any video hosting fees. (Cost $67 Annual or $197 Lifetime)

->> See the Player here

OTO 5: Social Video Traffic – Your automated solution to “pushing” your Vidently Videos to 16 different social networks to get instant traffic to your website, eCommerce store, landing page, sales page, or anywhere you want! (Cost $69)

->> See Social Video Traffic here

See what you think about Vidently here

Official Demo Video #1

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