Viddyoze Review & Bonuses

Check out my quick demo video of one of the templates inside of the awesome Viddyoze 3D Animation software.  This particular template is actually meant as a Logo reveal, but in fact you don't need to limit yourself to using jut Logos with these templates, you can use any graphic at all (see my Custom Graphic Bonuses below!).

You don't just make Logo Stingers with the Viddyoze software.  There are also templates for:

  • Intro and Outros
  • Social Media Stingers
  • Transitions & Segways
  • Calls to Action, plus of course
  • Logo Stingers

These kind of high quality 3D animations can be created with just a few clicks thanks to Viddyoze, whereas before you would either have to pay somebody around $100 to create just one, or you would have to be a whizz with software such as After Effects to do it yourself.

Branding is super important for any business, and with Viddyoze you can easily brand all your or your clients' videos with the click of a mouse! I wanted to create a Bonus package that complimented Viddyoze, so Bonus 1 of my package is a Biz in a Box "Branding & Logo Creation" pack, which includes DFY videos, a Lead Generation Report, Powerpoint presentations and Logo Creation articles.  I also include a pack of Logo templates which you can use as a portfolio or you can easily edit yourself when you have an order for a client for logo design. 

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