Check out my quick video and review of the the awesome Whiteboard package from Dawn.  It's called SVG Galaxy and it contains no less than 15 modules of superb whiteboard graphics!

The modules include:  Characters, Scenes, Health related items, Food items, Maps, Shapes and more!

You can see a brief demonstration of how well the SVGs draw in all the major Doodle video softwares, but you can see many more demonstrations on the sales page which really show you what makes this package of SVGs stand out from the others.  And because you're getting PNGs as well as SVGs the package is versatile enough to work with all the video creation and editing softwares shown below.

Click Here For SVG Galaxy

compatible with logosAnd to make the deal even sweeter, I created new versions of the Characters, giving them custom eyes and mouths, and animated them so they all blink.  So if you didn't just want your Characters to draw, you can use them in Explaindio or VideoMakerFX slides (SWFs), or even in Powerpoint (ani-GIFs).

Click Here For SVG Galaxy Bonuses

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