Storyxy – An Honest Review!

My completely honest view and the low-down on Storyxy as I see it…..

Here goes ….

Storyxy is a new tool from Andrew Darius that lets you create interactive videos with your choice of 3D Scene and Characters, including poses, facial expressions, camera angles and gestures.

Features also include text to speech and voice recording.

Picture 2 or 3 friends having a chinwag and it's a bit like that but in virtual 3D ….

Sounds pretty cool right!

If you like virtual reality video games then you'll probably LOVE this, especially if you think it's suitable for your target audience ….

I'll be honest, I personally don't care for this style of video, but that's just my preference and probably means naff all so ……

….. click on the button below to check it out for yourself

Form you own opinion about Storyxy here

How It Works

The first thing you'll have to do is download it because it's a desktop software that you have to activate on your PC or Mac.

This kind of software with 3D stuff happening is going to be fairly resource heavy, so if your computer doesn't have a decent spec and a good graphics card, you could find the program lags a bit for you…… (not exactly what you want when trying to crank out a video).

I found the interface a little clunky in that you have to wait for things to download before you can use them (background scenes and characters), so again, depending on the speed of your internet etc. this could seem a little bit of a slower process than if this were a SAAS based product.


How Easy Is It To Use?

Expect there to be a learning curve…. that's nothing unusual with software and reasonable to expect, but I didn't particularly find the interface as intuitive as some other recently released video creation softwares.

Talking of the learning curve …. the tutorial videos are HORRIBLE in my opinion!

They're narrated by a guy with a really thick foreign accent which I found extremely hard to follow, so be prepared to listen closely and watch the videos a couple of times over to understand what's being said.

Overall I think the concept of Storyxy is great, but the style is not for me personally.

Andrew compares his software with this one which costs $165 per month (yikes!) whereas Storyxy is only $67 for a one-time fee so that's a win.

Personally I prefer a quality 2D style than a lower quality (to me) 3D video game style, but like I said, that's only MHO.

Look, you might LOVE what you see, and there's no doubt you could have a ton of fun playing with it –

I had a few laughs with a couple of characters and some cheeky dialogue while checking out my review copy ….. hahaha, nuff said!

Anyway, you've really got to check out Storyxy for yourself so you can make a decision that's right for YOU and your business ….

Check out Storyxy here

My Bonuses

Just in case I haven't completely put you off by my (possibly too) honest opinion, I have a bunch of Bonuses you'll also get if you pick this up, including two with Resell Rights.

It's fair to say these might even be worth the cost of entry to you even if you're not 100% convinced about the main attraction ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pick up some pretty cool Bonuses here

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