Being a Mac user I started learning Apple's Motion a couple of years ago and immediately fell in love with what it can do.

With the upgraded Motion 5 came real 3D text and now I'm loving it even more!

There are a couple of things that bug me though and they are the long font selection box sometimes appears empty when I click on it, and the fact that my Show Full View Area doesn't work, which means I can't see anything that's off canvas.

Thankfully from today I only have one thing left to bug me because I found a solution to the Show View Full Area problem, which I'm going to share in case it helps someone else who's been frustrated with the issue.

I googled the phrase again today, determined that there must be a solution, and while I did find a solution that recommended resetting Preferences back to default or trashing Preferences and then restarting the computer (which I didn't particularly want to do), that did lead me to the reason it wasn't working in the first place.

show full view area motion 5


As you can see from the image, I'm in the Appearance tab of Preferences. The second option down is the Canvas, which controls Full View Opacity.

I originally had this set to 100% Opacity, which I mistakenly thought would mean I could see everything !  However, changing the slider to reduce the Opacity solved the problem.

It seems the Full View Area, which sits behind the Canvas, is by default black, so it's the blackness itself that is controlled by the setting, not the objects off Canvas.

Setting this anything below 100% will allow your off canvas items to show through the reduced opacity blackness!

To be honest it seems obvious now, and I'm not sure why it took me so long to find the solution.

But if you've also been having the same issue and couldn't work out how to fix it, hopefully this will help you too.

Please leave a comment if it does!

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