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I've seen lots of things bandied around about “Revamply”, some of which I think is a bit misleading, so here's my honest take on the tool, having had the opportunity to test it before it was released. Caveat: I've tested it for less than 2 days, but everything I say is based on my actual honest opinion having tried it for myself, which doesn't of course make me an expert!

So What Exactly Is “Revamply”?

“Edit ANY website with a few clicks
(WordPress, HTML, ClickFunnels, Igloo or any other Page Builder – free or paid)”

This is the first bit of misleading information – of course you can't just edit ANY website that you don't own (duh!)

But what you CAN do is replicate that website, page by page, and edit the replicated copies.  Call my picky or pedantic but there is a big difference.  Which leads me to my definition of what exactly Revamply is:

“Revamply”, in a nutshell, is a web page replicator which lets you completely edit the pages you have pulled in to it and then “publish” those edits via a single piece of code that you add to the original website.  Here's the official Sales video:

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I’ve tested “Revamply” with my favorite theme (Dynamic / Genesis combination) and also my favorite page builder, Beaver Builder, and it worked well – BUT I couldn’t seem to change the Font Awesome Icons inserted originally via Beaver Builder, or their color.

Similar Tools (but different)

CSS Hero and MicroThemer (paid), and Site Origin CSS (free) allow you to make changes to the CSS, live on the actual website, but the big difference is they don’t bring websites in so you can play around.  Once changes are made you’re pretty much stuck with them.

Changing the font for example on a paragraph within “Revamply” will only change that particular paragraph.  Generally, other CSS editors will change all instances of paragraph, or H3 heading for example.  Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes not.  You can make sweeping changes, but sometimes you actually only want to change that particular instance.

“Revamply” let’s you experiment with your own and other people’s website, which opens up a whole new world of opportunity…

Local Business Oppotunity

“Ever wanted to signup clients for your web services?

Previously you might have pitched a prospect without much to show them except a few examples from your portfolio. But how much stronger would it be to show them their own website with modern styling?

With “Revamply” you can add a prospects website and make changes to the replicated copy within the system.  You can then send the website owner a preview and offer to make the changes live on their actual website in exchange for say $1500.

If they like the changes and say ‘YES' then you can make the changes live on their website within a couple of clicks (after you've added the Revamply code to their actual website).

This is a really awesome opportunity to show clients what a video would look like on their website for example, or just changing out those gaudy 70s style colors. Bear in mind that you will always need to have access to the clients website to add the code before the changes can be made live.

If the client doesn’t pay, or you’re charging something monthly and the client stops paying, it’s easy to turn the changes off and revert it back to what they had previously, putting you in control.

(NB: If you take the monthly option ($47) – bear in mind if you stop paying, then anything you have changed via the code will not work after you stop paying so if you’re thinking to do this long term for clients, get the lifetime option ($197) if you possibly can)

The Upgrade Pro option gives you the option to download the pages you edit and create so there seems to be a bit more longevity and stability, but at this stage I’m not 100% sure of how that would work with WordPress sites.

“Drag & Drop ANY element on your website and customize past and present websites in minutes

Add Elements

Clicking on some of the elements opens up various options like different styles of buttons and countdown timers to choose from so you have more choice than you might have first thought.

Bear in mind dragging an element on to a page doesn’t automatically mean existing elements move around automatically to make room for it.  You do need to re-arrange things manually and possibly drag and resize sections of the website for things to look right.

“Split test at WILL! You can use our softwares A/B Split testing functionality to test as many variations of your websites as you want.

Even if you haven't gotten into split testing as such, this is a very cool function!  Imagine being able to make different variations to see what works best or what variation your client or prospect prefers if you're trying to get a new client on board!

“Do you have a ‘PLR Rights' product and you've wanted
to make changes to but can't because it's html?

No need to open up a HTML editor (bliss!) and try to mess around with the page – easy in theory, not so easy in practice!  “Revamply” definitely makes editing HTML much easier when I tested it – huge benefit if you have PLR templates and things gathering dust on your hard drive.

“Can It Do Animations?

Yes, with Revamply you can edit the current static parts of your website and animate them.  There's a huge suite of animations available from fades to rotations, slides and more.

“Third Party Apps Capability

Revamply works with a huge list of Third Party apps that help you do business online.  It seamlessly works with:

– Paypal
– Stripe
– Google Analytics
– Aweber, Mailchimp, Active
Campaign, Sendlane, GetResponse,

– InfusionSoft
– YouZign
– GoToWebinar
– iContact


NB: wordpress integration is part of the Upgrade

What Is The Upgrade?

The upgrade basically lets you ‘reverse engineer' ANY website on the internet. If you've seen a website you like, or one of your competitors has a website you've admired, you can take their template and start making it your own. (Disclaimer: The Revamply team have made a few limitations to this feature based on legal advice to ensure pages are changed
enough that no one is impeding on ‘Copyright” laws.

The upgrade also includes a WordPress plugin for automatic WordPress updates…

You will also get unlimited upgrades and 5 new elements added each month

How to insert the Code in your WordPress website?
You can do it manually by adding the code to the header.php or footer.php file, but bear in mind if you do that and your theme has an update, the script will be overwritten by the update.  The easiest way to do is to use a plugin like “Header and Footer Scripts Inserter” by Arthur Gareginyan (available for free on the WordPress repository).
Code Pop Up Box

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