Adobe Spark Image courtesy of Adobe Spark Presenting information in a visual way is a sure fire way to keep people engaged with your content.  You don't have to be a graphic designer to do it because there's a fantastic new tool on the market from Adobe and get this, it's absolutely FREE to use and it's browser based so nothing to download either. Unlike Adobe's other suite of creative tools, Spark doesn't have a painful leaning curve either. It's easy to get signed up and started in a matter of minutes. Adobe Spark really does allow people of all skill levels to create sophisticated graphic designs with only a few minutes of work. lemons

What Can You Make With Adobe Spark?

You can make beautiful Social Media graphics (think static and animated Memes), Posts outputted as JPEGs (for sharing on social media), Pages (for sharing as a web page) and Animated Videos outputted as .mp4 (animated slideshows) in minutes.  You can create content in a variety of sizes, including standard sizes for Facebook and Instagram, and you can add additional text boxes and images to your project. There's also a built in “Inspiration Gallery” if you need some creative “spark” to get you going and a built in Creative Commons Images search and find function”. Everything can be downloaded except for Spark Pages which are hosted by Adobe. You will get Adobe's branding on whatever you create, such as an Video will have “Made with Adobe Spark Video” at the end.  However I couldn’t find anything in the TOS that restricts you removing the end part with your favorite video editor (caveat: please check for yourself if you decide to do it). The above is a very simple animated Meme I was able to create very quickly as a Video, downloaded and turned it into an animated Gif with the free online tool Zamzar. And here's a great example of what you can do with a Spark Page: Iceland Roadtrip

Built in Creative Commons Search and Find

It’s not really hard to search the web for images you can use for free, but Adobe Spark makes it even easier, right from within the Dashboard. Just click on find photo, type in your search term, and it will bring back an abundance of great images you can use under the Creative Commons license.

How To Try Adobe Spark

As mentioned above, Adobe Spark is completely free and only takes a couple minutes to start working with. You can login with your Facebook or Google account, or your Adobe ID if you have one (no Creative Cloud subscription needed), and start experimenting. Head over to to get started.

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