PowerPoint Storyboarding

Installing The Add In Pt.1

In order to start using the PowerPoint Storyboarding feature you first need to instal the Team Foundation Add In from Visual Studio.

storyboard-tfs2015Click on the link above to visit the website, then scroll down until you see “Team Foundation Server 2015” (see image left). Click on it to expand the section.

Scroll down again until you see “Team Foundation Server Office Integration 2015” (see image below)

To the far right you'll see a big blue Download button. Leave the radio selection as “Web Installer” and click to download.


Installing The Add In Pt 2

Find the downloaded file on your PC (it's called “tfs_officeintegration”), then right click and selection “Run as Administrator”.  The application will start running and shortly after you'll see this black box.


You can see how much space the installation will take up and if you're good to go with that, click on “Install”.

Once installation is finished you'll see this box, with a message that your computer needs to restart.  Close any open programs then click on the “Restart” button.


Once your computer has rebooted you can open PowerPoint.

Importing Storyboard Files

You should now see a Storyboarding tab on the top ribbon (figure A).  Click on that and then click on “Storyboard Shapes” (figure B).  To the right of the canvas the Storyboard Shapes pane will open up (figure C)


The Add In comes with lots of elements already installed, mainly intended for Developers to story board out their layouts, but you can of course you use any way you want.

If you have any “sbsx” files you'll need to import them into Storyboard so you can use the assets in them within your PowerPoint presentations and video templates.

Click on “Import Shapes” (figure A) and browse to where the “sbsx” files are on your computer (figure B). Highlight the file and click “Open” (figure C).


The assets within the file will now appear as a Section in your Storyboard Shapes pane.

Simply double click or drag and drop any element onto your canvas to start using it.


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