What Is Klippyo?

In a nutshell:

Klippyo lets you create High-Quality Videos from 100,000s of Pro Stock Video Clips, Shoot From Mobile, Enhance Existing Videos With Text Overlays & Emojis, Memify Videos & More From Inside This One Super-Charged Video Creation and Editing Suite

The {slightly} longer version:

Klippyo is a cloud based Video Creator and Editor from the guys who brought you Viddyoze back in 2015 (Joey, Jamie and David). Since then they've gone on to work with big brands like Sony, so you know this team is not in the amateur lane when it comes to video software!

Klippyo is NOT another template based video creator, which is a good thing because it means you get a whole lot more creative freedom and flexibility to create videos (although you do get 10 pre-made templates you can edit included with your purchase).

Klippyo is predominantly for creating videos from multiple clips from various sources including your computer, YouTube, Giphy and from any of the 100,000+ stock video clip library in Klippyo (see more about that below) AND / OR by enhancing videos you already have on your hard drive with text overlays, emojis, images etc.

Klippyo works on mobile (both Android and IOS), as well as PC and Mac.

What Can You Do With Klippyo?

  • Create Videos in multiple aspect ratios (Landscape, Square, Vertical) with a click of a button in various pre-set sizes (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest).
  • Upload videos from your computer.
  • Shoot videos on your mobile and upload straight to Klippyo (while you can use Klippyo on your mobile, it's easy if you do your final editing on a desktop computer).
  • Search for and import videos from YouTube (your own or other peoples).
  • Search for and import video clips from Shutterstock (choose from 100,000s of professional clips you would normally have to pay a bundle for – see below for caveat).
  • Import GIFs from Giphy.com thanks to direct integration.
  • Memify any of your video clips (add top and/or bottom bars with your meme wording)
  • Add Emojis to your video clips.
  • Add Animated Text to your video clips (change font and colors to your liking) – this feature is perfect for branding any videos you currently have.
  • Add Animated Quotes to your videos.
  • Add Captions to your Videos.
  • Never lose your work thanks to the built-in auto-save.

More About The Shutterstock Integration

Shutterstock is a major player in the image, audio and stock video market so for Klippyo to have integration with them is significant in my opinion.  A single video clip starts from $79 if you buy direct.

When you invest in the Personal or Studio version of Klippyo (for a one-time price) you get a total of 80 media downloads from Shutterstock included. This can be a combination of images, audio tracks and video clips, or just video clips if you prefer (probably the best value!). NB: This is 80 downloads period but still an amazing deal.

When you take the upgrade offer, Klippy Kreators, you get unlimited Shutterstock downloads as long as you keep your $47 per month subscription going – again, an AMAZING deal!

The Klippyo Offers

The Main Product ($77-$97)

Choose a Personal License for $77 if you only want to create videos for your own business (more restricted features and limited assets).

Choose a Studio License for $97 if you want additional features and the right to create video projects for others and resell them for whatever price you choose.

Upgrade 1: Klippyo Kreators ($47 per month)

Additional pre-made Klippyo templates, PLUS get UNLIMITED Shutterstock downloads (images, video clips and audio) as long as you keep your monthly subscription going for.


Click here to see the offer (NB: You must buy the Main product first)

Upgrade 2: Klippyo Masterclass Training ($197)


Click here to see the offer (NB: You must buy the Main product first)

The Klippyo Conclusion

Is Klippyo worth the money?

Yes, definitely! It's a quality tool from a quality team that stand by and support their products.

The Shutterstock integration is the cherry on top.

Check Out Klippyo here Check Out My Klippyo Bonuses here

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