Video CEO shows you how to run a  Video Marketing Agency and puts fulfilment at your fingertips

Video CEO by Cham Altatis Review

If you've ever wanted to offer Video Marketing to Local Businesses, but haven't found your feet yet, Video CEO from Cham Altatis could be just what you need to get your own successful Video Agency off the ground (even without doing the actual tasks yourself).

Why Learn From Cham?

Cham Altatis is a professional videographer and marketing professional of more than 10 years. `

He's based in the Philipines but has Video Marketing clients from all over the globe, and a highly experienced team to help him fulfill the services he provides.

Video CEO In a Nutshell

There are two distinct parts to Video CEO.

#1 – it's a comprehensive training course on how to SET UP and RUN a Video Marketing Agency, providing services to HIGH paying clients based on Cham's real time experience of running his own highly successful Agency based out of the Philippines.

#2 – it's the chance for you to become a Reseller of Cham's Video Marketing services and get paid monthly commissions for any clients you send their way. Ideal if you just want to find clients, and not have to worry about setting up your own website or about fulfilment of the actual services.

What's Included In The Video CEO Training?

  • 23 video lessons over 6 modules
  • Module 1 (The Foundation) has 4 lessons covering the CEO Mindset; Your Vision, Goal & Brand; Video Services You Can Provide; and Ideal Clients to Target
  • Module 2 (Branding & Portfolio) has 3 lessons covering the Agency Website; your Online & Social Media Presence; and your Bridge.
  • Module 3 (Getting Clients) has 7 lessons covering Understanding Your Target Clients; Manual Prospecting; Automated Prospecting; FB Videos Ads (2 parts); and YouTube
  • Module 4 (Wrap Up)
  • Module 5 (The Reseller Program, Templates & Resources)
  • Module 6 (Bonus Training) which covers Local to Virtual Help; Hybrid Agency Model; Intro to Drop Servicing; How To Create Unlimited Videos Without Ever Appearing on Camera; Instant Video Profits

So if you want to learn:
  • How to find high paying clients with the budget to afford high quality video marketing services
  • How to identify those that need help with social media and video marketing
  • How to get in front of them and confidently present yourself and your brand in a professional manner
  • How to deliver video marketing services yourself, or utilize Cham's services for the fulfilment

Video CEO will teach you all that and more!

What Are The Upgrades?

OTO1 – Prospects Club

This is where Cham's team will do all the research on possible HIGH paying clients that can be contacted to promote video marketing services.

Every month, they will add 20 prospects along with all the data you can use to contact them.

Price: $47 per month

OTO2 – Digital CEO

Cham is planning  a BIG program to be released to the public soon, but as a Video CEO member you get the chance to get in early.

It's all about Drop Servicing. You've no doubt heard of Drop Shipping, but this about becoming the middle-man between those who WANT services and those who PROVIDE services and Cham, being in the virtual service capital of the world, the Philippines, is ideally placed to provide this program!

Price: $37 one-time

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