There's lots of reasons you need to know how to clone a website, here's just a few:

  • moving hosting provider
  • set up a similar website on another domain
  • moving your website to a different domain
  • protect your website against hackers

how to clone a websiteIf you're an internet marketer, like me, and you set up lots of niche or review websites, cloning a website is almost a must in order to save you time.  If you think about how long it takes you to instal WordPress, then instal the particular theme you like to use, tweak the theme's settings just how you like it, instal the various WordPress plugins you need, tweak the plugins' settings just how you like them …… that's an awful lot of time needed if you do it on a regular basis.

When I first started searching on Google “how to clone a website” I came across all these complicated ways to copy websites, which quite frankly seemed an awful lot of hard work to me, almost harder than starting from scratch like I had been doing.

Then I heard about this really cool tool called WP Twin.  WP stands for WordPress so if you want to know how to clone a website that's not made on the WordPress platform, unfortunately this tool won't work for you!  But if you do use WordPress, this tool is about the quickest and easiest way of cloning a website that you can get.

Unfortunately I didn't have WP Twin when a few of my websites got hacked, but if I had and I'd have cloned them with WP Twin, it would have saved me an awful lot of heartache.  I could have had my sites back up and running within a few minutes rather than having to wait for my hosting provider to restore everything.


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