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Finding a great Google rank checker is important, since if you've taken the time to build a website and build backlinks, then it's important that you measure your results. After all, how can you make targeted improvements if you don't measure your progress?

A Google Rank Checker Can Help You Plan Ahead

seo_arrow_up_400_clrYou need to find out how far away you are from the position you're aiming for in Google, so in turn you can plan your future efforts to improve your rankings. Tracking your rankings also means you can test and measure which search engine optimization techniques are working best for you, and which are not really working at all.

A Google Rank Checker Can Help You Stay Ahead

It's also important to use a Google rank checker so you can immediately identify any changes that Google, or the other search engines, are making to their algorithms and adjust accordingly. There are always going to be people other than yourself aiming for top spot in Google for different keywords, so your website will remain under constant threat from people who are targeting the same keywords as you.

If you don't track your rankings, you won't know if any of your competitors have taken over your spot. If you leave it until you notice a big drop in your income, it's going to be much harder to regain your position and bring your revenue back to where it was.

Tracking search engine rankings is especially important if you're doing SEO for clients and not just yourself. Clients will want regular reports on how their websites are doing so they can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns on their behalf.

How To Check Your Rankings For Free

There are a few ways you can check where your website appears for your various keywords so it doesn't have to be a time consuming and tedious job.


You can of course manually check the results, but this is definitely the slower way and you may not get the correct picture, since Google provides search results personalized to the person doing the searching. This could be based on your location and your previous search history, so not only is this the slow way, but if you get inaccurate results, then you're definitely not getting the full picture.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster tools, which is a free service from Google, can give you a lot of interesting data about your website, including what your website is being found for in Google. The obvious downside of this is that you should also be tracking your rankings in the other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing, and you can't do this with Google webmaster tools.

Rankerizer Tool

One really simple, but effective Google rank checker that I use is called Rankerizer. I love it because it's the most comprehensive free tool that's found, with a surprising number of features as you can see from the list below. Not only that, it let's you track your rankings in all three major search engines, not just Google. It's completely free and is available for download from

  • See exactly where you rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing!
  • View ranking trends over time to see if you've risen or dropped in ranking!
  • Monitor and track an unlimited number of keywords!
  • View the number of backlinks your ranked web page has!
  • See the exact Google Page Rank of the page you're ranked for!
  • Full proxy support!

Whichever method you decide to use, just make sure you do utilize some kind of Google rank checker so your campaigns can be tracked and measured properly.

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