There is so much competition on video sharing sites like YouTube these days. That's why it can be hard to get your videos to stand out. They say there are 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube alone every single minute of every day.

Are your videos getting noticed?

free video thumbnails maker

There’s no point in spending a ton of time creating awesome videos if you can’t attract people to actually watch them. That will lead to frustration and disappointment even for the most die-hard video creator.

That's why you need to add an eye-catching video thumbnail to every video you put online if you want it to get noticed.

The right video graphics can make a world of difference.  Eye-catching video thumbnails help your videos stand out so they get noticed on busy video sharing sites like YouTube. The right graphics will get people clicking the play button.  If the start watching and keep watching and listening to your message, the viewer is more likely to take the action you ask them to at the end.

But if you're on a tight budget, you need a way to create free video thumbnails. Good graphics tools are certainly not cheap these days.

Thankfully there is a fabulous free tool that can help you create those essential video graphics, including eye-ball grabbing video thumbnails quickly and easily.

Picmaker: Free Video Thumbnails Creator

free video thumbnails creator picmaker

Picmaker is a FREE online thumbnail maker for YouTube, brought to you by the creators of Animaker, the online animated video creator.

But once you get inside, you'll actually find out that Picmaker doesn't just create thumbnails, it also creates YouTube Channel Art and Instagram thumbnails too.

There are lots of pre-built templates, or you can start from scratch using any of their 200,000 graphic elements and your own images which you can upload.

There's even a background burner built in so you can remove unwanted backgrounds from your images, as well as a sticker effect tool.

There are no limits to how many graphics you can create, although this may change once the tool is out of its beta stage.

But for now you can enjoy everything PicMaker has to offer without spending a penny.

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