Cover Genie Pro Review & Bonuses

There are quite a few eBook Cover Creators on the market and the most recent (at the time of writing this) is the very popular Pixel Studio FX tool that was released in September, and prior to that eCover Authority in July.

So what's the big deal with Cover Genie Pro?

In a nutshell this latest tool does things the other two don't do, at least they don't in the standard version in the case of Pixel Studio, and not at all in the case of eCover Authority.

What you get with Cover Genie Pro is a great deal for your money!

You can of course create the usual book covers, product box shots, business cards and much more, but the big thing with this is that you can create Product Bundles and Photo Realistic Mockups, all for the cost of entry!

The upgrade is basically 100+ more templates to give you a head start with your designing, but the standard version comes with 50 very nice templates to begin with.

Here is the different types of covers you can create with Cover Genie Pro:

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  • Screen Devices
  • Book Covers
  • Photo Realistic Mockups
  • Box Covers
  • Assorted Cards
  • Product Bundles
  • Disc Covers
  • Membership Cards
  • Mobile Devices
  • Editorial Prints
  • Product Packaging
  • Reports & Binders


Cover Genie Pro is an online application so nothing to download – simply login and start creating your next cover.

What Are My Bonuses?

The templates you get with Cover Genie Pro are great, but sooner or later the images included are going to start looking a bit the same with the amount of people using them.  So I thought a really huge collection of high quality Royal Free Images (over 3,700) would be great to substitute the included images you get with the templates, but still be able to use the template layouts as starting points.  The images are organized into over 100 categories so it will be pretty easy to find what you need for your particular project or niche.

If you don't currently have an eCover Creator I would definitely recommend Cover Genie Pro for the usability, what's included with the standard version, and the price.

It's a winner in my eyes.

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