Colorzilla for Mac

Just for anybody that's using a Mac with a Safari browser, I did struggle a bit this week on the part where we get to install Firefox Colorzilla as it doesn't work with my browser. I Googled around a bit to try to find a Firefox Colorzilla for Mac equivalent, but it wasn't until I was chatting to one my day job customers that I found a solution.

It's called ColorPicker and it's a Safari Extension I found on MacUpdate.

Haven't looked for a MeasureIt equivalent yet, just as I haven't had time what with the day job, my family and trying to grasp everything I possibly can about Internet Marketing! I'm sure I will find one soon though as it seems a very handy tool!

As an aside, this customer I was chatting to had the new iPhone 4 software on his iPhone 3GS, which isn't actually available here in Australia until June 24th I believe! It certainly looked genuine and he just gave me one of those knowing looks when I asked him how come he had it! He does belong to a Mac User Group so I guess that just goes to show the power of networking!viagra order cheap

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