What Is Viddyoze?

Viddyoze is basically a 3D Animation Platform which gives you access to editable templates for Logo Stings, Intros, Outros, Transitions and Live Action animations.

I've had Viddyoze in my arsenal of video creation tools since it first came out in 2015.

On 1st May 2018 Viddyoze is being launched on the JVZoo platform for the last time ever, in the guise of V3, to give people one last chance to get access for a one-off price, with unlimited renders.

Once the launch is over (on 4th May) Viddyoze will become a Marketplace where new users will need to pay per render at a cost of around $10 each.

Learn More About Viddyoze 3.0 here

New Users – Should You Buy It?

Definitely worth buying into Viddyoze for the amount of templates available (150 on the front end), because of the one-off price with unlimited renders (even if you only use it once in a while) and you won't get this chance again.

Existing Users – What You Should Know

All existing Viddyoze users will get a complimentary upgrade to the newly updated User Interface (UI) and improved render engine.

Whatever templates you have access to at the moment will remain, but you have the opportunity to buy into V3 with access to 170 templates for the one-off price of $47 (personal rights) or $67 (commercial rights).

Here's where a bit of confusion lies to me, in that I have 106 templates in various categories in my account at the moment.  (I don't belong to the Template Club – see further down about that!).

According to the “Compare page” where you go to see what Templates existing users will have access to if they choose to purchase V3, I would get access to approx. another 120 templates. (8 pages with 15 templates per page).

NB: It's different for each individual user apparently so you would need to go to the Compare page to check for your own personal account.

According to the JV information, new users get access to 150 templates on the front end.

The new templates I would get access to, if I chose to take the paid Upgrade to V3,  include the previously released “Live Action Video Templates” (100 of them I believe), plus….

…..the brand spanking new “Extended Templates” (10 of them), which are meant to allow you to create mini promo videos for local business, which are longer videos than you can create with the normal templates.

I don't think the new style of “Extended Templates” are particularly anything to write home about – really nothing you couldn't achieve with a set of PowerPoint templates you've probably already got sitting on your hard drive.

I suppose the question you have to ask yourself as an existing user, do you actually use Viddyoze often?  If so, it's probably worth another $67 to get access to a big bunch of new templates for a one-off price with unlimited renders.

The Template Club

The monthly Template Club is the next offer you see after you purchase Viddyoze V3.

You get immediate access to every single template they've ever produced for the monthly club, plus around 20 NEW templates added each month (that's a lot of templates!)

The cost is $37 per month for unlimited access.

BUT NOTE: If you stop paying, access to every single template stops.

There's no “OK, you paid 6 months fees so you have access to the templates from those 6 months”.  It's more of an on / off switch scenario.

Of course, renders you already made are yours to keep forever.

Learn More About Viddyoze 3.0 here

My Bonuses

I haven't prepared anything specific for this offer because I really just wanted this blog post to be helpful in you making a decision to buy or not.

Having said that please, consider it open season on anything I've offered before that you might have missed out on.  Anything I have control over (in other words not Vendor bonuses) I'm happy to sort you out with if you decide to purchase Viddyoze 3.0 through my link.  Just hit the Support link above and drop me a ticket 🙂

2 thoughts on “Viddyoze 3.0 Launch Review & Bonuses”

  1. I found out the hard way about losing all templates if you stop paying the $37/mo. That is bad, bad business! I paid for 3 months, $111.00, then lose it all.

    To my knowledge, Chrissy, you’re the only IM vendor to point that out.

    Thanks for being honest,


    1. Thanks for stopping by Barry and sorry you found out the hard way. It’s definitely different to what people would be used to and I’m sure it’s caught a lot of people out 🙁

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